The prompt for this project is: Tell me a story about your station’s community, or your station as a community. Submit

About the project:

As part of a directed study this semester, some members of my master’s degree program are creating individual projects centered around a theme of community storytelling. I am seeking handwritten stories from anyone who has ever been a member of a college radio community (this can include faculty advisors and community members) and has been impacted in some way by that experience. In my experience, I’ve found it easy to bond with people who have also participated in college radio, we always seem to be cut from the same cloth on some level. In my research, I’ve found that college radio is discussed in a musical context, but it’s hard to find any stories about these spaces. I know every station bursts at the seams with stories that don’t really revolve around music and I want to hear yours.

I will be sending pre-stamped envelopes to storytellers and you have free reign to tell me what you want to say in whatever way you want to say it. (If you choose to draw, great, but please provide a basic written description.) You can provide as much or as little personal information as you want.

I will be analyzing the letters for common themes and writing about them in an academic context of participatory culture and the impact of community media on engagement, but more importantly I will be creating a final installation of the letters. Depending on the responses, this may be a well-documented physical art installation in Boston or a physical book I will self-publish over the summer.

About me:

I am an MA student who was shaped and molded by multiple college radio experiences over the past eight years. I was a participant at a station and the founder of one at a different school. The experience of college radio and the communities I have joined and created has fundamentally changed who I am as a person. In my professional life and graduate research, I am seeking to see the bigger picture of what happens in these spaces outside of my own experience.